Our History

In 1988, after their long years and vast experience from the Cats Family (one of the pioneer security agencies in the Philippines), two-young executives, Mr. Romero M. Isidro (formerly Licensee of El Tigre Security Agency for 14 years) and Mrs. Aida A. Soriano (formerly Comptroller of Leopard Security Agency for 8 years) have decided to pursue their vision in establishing their own Security Agency to help address security concerns as well as provide the unique security requirements of every businesses nationwide.

However, because of the considerable high standards and requirements needed to operate a security agency, Mr. Isidro came into an agreement with a relative who operates one of the well known agencies in Cebu, Criminology Anti-Crime Agency (CACA) to branch out CACA in Manila. Thus CACA Manila was formed in June of 1988.

CACA’s first office address was located at a neglected warehouse at the parking area of the Ablaza Building in E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave., Quezon City.

Not long after, the business grew and gained a number of clients. In June 21, 1993 just after five (5) years of successful operation, the inception of their vision, their own security agency, Anti-Crime Force, Inc. (ACFI) was finally established.

In year 2000, having felt that ACFI already gained the trust and confidence of its numerous clients, CACA Manila was dissolved.

After two office location transfers, ACFI has now returned to its first home, the Ablaza Building but this time occupying the whole south wing of its 4th floor. Moreover, a branch office was opened on June 2003 in Naga City.

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